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Industrial gear units from Sew-Eurodrive


High transmission torque and power rating

Finely graduated sizes thus having possibility or optimized

Optimized bearing selection for longer bearing lifeline

Robust gear and housing

Wide range of accessories options

Short delivery time for standard design

Efficient project planning tools including generation of 2D and 3D dimension drawing

Type Advantages at a glance
X series –          Torque range from 6.8 to 475 kNm

–          Mounting option on both side due to axially symmetric housing concept

–          Effective cooling system for increased thermal power rating

–          Monoblock or split gear unit housing

MC series –          Compact design for smart torque range up to 65 kNm

–          Monoblock housing for universal mounting option

–          EBD (Extended Bearing Distance) for stronger bearing thus eliminating oversizing of gear for agitator application

–          Parts for standard versions are in stock, ensuring short delivery time

M series –          Torque range from 30 to 180 kNm

–          Modular design for economical customization to suit various applications

–          Horizontal and true vertical split housing

ML series –          Torque range from 180 to 680 kNm

–          Highest degree of flexibility and variability for customers specific large machines and systems

–          Easy maintenance due to split housing

P series –          Large ratio range up to 1:4.000 and torque range from 24 to 500 kNm

–          Perfectly matched unit (Planetary gear unit and gearmotor) thus enjoy benefits of both designs

–          Short and compact with the elimination of coupling and adaptor flanges

–          High torsional rigidity

XP series –          Highest torque range up 4,000 kNm

–          Tailor-made solution for mazimum flexibility

–          High variability due to coupling with gear units from SEW-EURODRIVE modular system

–          High power density

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