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Frequency inventers

Frequency inverters for Your Drives

Frequency converter and drive technology from SEW-EURODRIVE is capable to drive all kinds of power transmission drive unit. Manufacturer drive train modular concept compromises frequency converter and are ideally suited for all kind of applications.


It has designed a compact and economic solution for the control of asynchronous motors.

230V               0,25…30 kW      1/3 phase

400/500V        0,25…75 kW       3 phase




it is particularly economical and wide range of variability

115/230V        0,37…4 kW         1/3 phase

400V               0,75…7,5 kW     3 phase



MOVIDRIVE® B Drive Inverter

A wide power range drive inverter. With MOVIDRIVE®, even asynchronous AC motors, servomotors can easily achieve dynamic performance with the aid of additional special functions and programmable modules, IPOSplus system.

200/240V        1,5…37 kW                3 phase

400/500V        0,55…250 kW            3 phase


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