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SEW-EURODRIVE Introduction



SEW-EURODRIVE is a leading company in the global market of electric drive technology, with headquarter in Bruchsal, Germany, with plants which produce key components of modular drives to the highest quality standards in Germany, France, the United States, China, Brazil and Finland. The finished products are assembled with such components at more than 70 assembly plants around the world, ensuring short delivery of drive systems in individual combination with constant high quality. Trade affiliates, technical offices, service centers and spare parts can be found in over 48 countries where work over 15000 employees. Presence of branches SEW all around the world, the full range of products and a wide range of services make our company an ideal partner for companies manufacturing machinery and equipment in need of drive systems for various applications.

SEW has years of experience in the field of drive technology and successfully use it in the design, production and marketing of its drives that combine mechanical, electrical and electronic components. Gears and motors from SEW-EURODRIVE — are trends and standards in drive technology. So labeled as “Made by SEW», our products are the trademark of quality in the drive industry.

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